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Jewel Weed Goat Milk Soap

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Peaceful Embrace Candles, Soaps, and More gladly offers an All Natural Goat Milk Soap infused with Jewel Weed Oil from one of our trusted soap making partners.  Goat Milk Soap is a gentle soap that has many benefits. Its creaminess helps with eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin, as it keeps skin nourished and moisturized due to its non-stripping properties. 

Ok but what about Jewel Weed?

Jewel Weed Soap has a long history of use in Native American medicine.  When applied topically, sap from the stem and leaves is said to relieve itching and pain from a variety of ailments, including hives, poison ivy, oak, and sumac, stinging nettle, bug bites, and other skins issues like eczema, acne, and fungal infections.

Get a bar or two for around the house or pack a couple of bars for your next camping or hiking trip.