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About us

Peaceful Embrace Candles, Soaps, and More began as a personal journey of discovery. Over the years, I have tried numerous products on the market that proclaim to offer the best skin cleaning experiences.  I still wound up with same problem - dry, itchy, and flaky skin. My doctor said it was age, stress, detergent, etc., etc. This past winter, I was scratching more than my pet dog. So I went into discovery mode. I started making soaps and testing them. Well I can honestly say the biggest organ of my body, my skin, is finally at ease. I am not a scientist, but base on my experience, it appears all of the personal care products that I was using was actually stripping the natural oil layer from my skin. Thus, causing the dry, itchy, flaky skin issues I have been experiencing in life.


We test everyone one of our products on ourselves to judge their performance. If it doesn't perform then we don't sell it. We all have other cares in the world, why put up with skin irritations or under-performing products?

Peaceful Embrace Candles, Soaps, and More products use only natural, sustainable, eco-friendly ingredients. We are NOT a service company which implies a vertical relationship one above the other. We stand in solidarity with all of our costumers aka friends. Solidarity calls for a horizontal, two-way relationship between equals - one to one.

Let's dismantle our personal fears and embrace peaceful unity with each other and all that surrounds us.

Appreciate your patience and understanding